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The practice of Home Inspection has become very popular and is now recommended by most Realtors. It is important that you understand the process and how to prepare.

What is the process?

Prior to beginning the inspection, the inspector will discuss with you the scope of the inspection, along with its limitations and exclusions, his fee and method of payment. He will need your signed consent to proceed based on the terms and conditions set out in his authorization agreement.

How long will it take?

Typically the process takes 2 -3 hours. However, homes that are older or larger, and those with substantial additions, renovations or difficult access areas, such as attics and crawl spaces, will take a little longer.

Who will attend?

Usually you and your agent along with your home inspector will attend. Although it is an opportunity to view the house again and to perhaps show family and friends, it is important that you focus on the home inspection. You will find that in addition to finding what you might consider to be deficiencies, your inspector will want to discuss with you recommended upgrades, repairs and improvements, and general home maintenance. It is also an opportunity to have your questions and concerns addressed by your inspector while a specific component or system is being inspected.

How and what will he inspect?

The exterior of the house is the normal starting point. The inspector may go up on the roof and then proceed around the outside. He will go into the basement and/or crawlspace to examine the major systems in the house including the structure, heating, air conditioning, insulation and ventilation, and the electrical and plumbing systems.

In addition to the work in the basement, he will go through the rest of the house and test all plumbing fixtures, operate windows and doors, look under sinks, in closets, and inspect the attic's structural components, as well as its insulation and ventilation.

A more detailed explanation of what is inspected along with limitations and exclusions is more particularly described in the "Standards of Practice" of the "Ontario Association of Home Inspectors."

Will I get a written report?

Yes. The report may be in book form or computer generated, it may be provided on site upon completion of the inspection, or within a day or so thereafter. Its format may be narrative, a checklist, or a combination of both. It will contain a copy of the authorization form that you signed prior to starting the inspection, and the actual inspection report.

Some reporting systems may contain additional information on conditions specific to your home, home maintenance tips and a cost guide that will give you a general idea of costs to replace components or systems in your home. This goes beyond the standards of practice and should be discussed with your inspector.


The content of the report is confidential, between you and your inspector, and cannot be released by the inspector without your written consent.

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