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The Home Inspectors job is to provide a general, overall inspection of the home - its that simple. The Inspector will be listing "areas of concern". Following are some areas of concern that Franktown Building Inspections Inc. have found. We hope your home is free of these conditions.

1. Air Conditioning Systems
Air conditioners should sit flat and level on a concrete pad - not suspended from a wall by a steel cable.

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2. Electrical
Aluminum wiring used for branch circuits - Potential fire hazard.

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3. Exterior
Wood windows and doors need attention in terms of painting or staining and caulking.

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4. Heating
Rotted out hot air plenum - Don't put wet boots on the heat registers.

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5. Insulation
Sawdust and vermiculite - If the fire don't get you the fibers will.

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6. Interior
Wet walls in the bathroom - Great place to grow mould and mildew.

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7. Plumbing
Old cast iron drain piping - They like to fail, you could have the sewer in your basement.

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8. Roof
Asphalt shingles are the most common covering for sloping roofs - ensure all roof projections are well sealed to prevent water penetration.

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9. Structure
Basement walkouts, unless properly designed, can be a source of leakage and structural problems - Here you my have to sand bag in the spring or when it rains.

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