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Your Inspector – Vic Hepton, RHI

Vic worked for over 30 years in the electrical utility industry. He started Franktown Building Inspections Inc. in 2002. Vic graduated from Algonquin College as a Certified Home Inspector and is a voting, Registered Home Inspector, of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.

In order to achieve this level in OAHI, Vic completed all courses relating to the most common house systems and completed the National Home Inspectors Exam produced by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspections (CAHI). The required two reports verified by the OAHI Report Verification Committee successfully completed. In addition I’ve completed the OAHI Defect Recognition and Report Writing Course and continues to attend workshops and seminars and renew membership annually in OAHI.

Primarily, I am a full time professional home inspector, however, because of my experience as a licensed electrician, I have been a continuing education trainer of the OAHI approved Home Electrical Systems course and Basic Electricity at Algonquin College. When held in Ottawa, I am an instructor of the Defect Recognition and Report Writing course sponsored by OAHI. Also, have taken courses and field training sponsored by CMHC on indoor air quality testing as well as courses in Radon detection. I also am a qualified WETT SITE (Systems Inspection and Technical Evaluation) Basic Inspector and offer this service separately when required.

Your Home Inspection

The home inspection provides a general, overall inspection of the home. It’s that simple! When you hire Franktown Building Inspections Inc. you will have hired a professional home inspector who has a working knowledge of many trades and can give a knowledgeable opinion on the condition of the ‘systems’ of the home. An overview of the home means that the professional home inspector will be listing areas of concern. If these areas of concern are considered significant, the owner or buyer will be advised to conduct an expert evaluation in that area. Such specialists would be a structural engineer, licensed electrician, plumber, well driller, roofer or other professionals.

Houses degrade from the day they are completed. With human nature the way it is, many people won’t fix a problem with their homes unless they are forced to. Until the home inspection service came into being, houses were typically bought and sold in “as is” condition. They process continued from buyer to buyer until the house virtually fell apart or a disaster occurred.

With the advent of the inspection profession, many houses now get repaired before they’re put on the market, because the owners know the house will be inspected and don’t want the problems to hold up a sale. All in all, the home inspection profession has increased the quality of homes nation wide and made them safer for us all.

To repeat a saying I’m fond of “Choose a Home and Property Inspector to inform you sooner of what Franktown Building Inspections Inc hope you won’t find out on your own later.”

Proud member of:

  • OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors)
  • CAHPI-Ontario (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspections - Ontario)
  • BBC (Business Breakfast Club), past president and member of Kanata1 Chapter
  • WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training)
Sunday, 12 July 2020
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