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An average house typically costs under $500 with apartments, condo and larger homes varying in time and cost to the potential homebuyer. Contact us for more information.

Fees are based on the size and condition of the house and the length of time it takes to inspect it.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection:

A Franktown Building Inspections Inc. home inspector is trained and educated to detect home deficiencies and provide unbiased inspection reports. They report quickly to deliver a detailed inspection report complete with pictures of potential problems.

Up to 2000 sq.ft in size: $399.00
Over 2000 sq.ft in size: $410.00 and up

Additional Services and Fees:

Additional Living Units:
Duplexes, triplexes, etc.
Each additional unit
Additional Utilities and Structures:
Second furnace or electrical service: $40.00
Condos and Townhouses: Call for price

Pre-Listing Inspection:

Pre-Listing Inspection: Call for price

Often it is in your best interest to contract a pre-listing inspection prior to listing of a home. This way you will know what the pre-purchase home inspection is going to find. To list just a few, it has many advantages such as pricing your home realistically, making repairs ahead of time and preventing defects from becoming a negotiating stumbling block later.

New Home Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI)

New Home Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) Call for price

The new home pre-delivery inspection is the ideal way to show your client their new home and record any damaged, incomplete or missing items, or anything that is not operating properly on the PDI form. Note that there are special requirements for condominiums in Ontario.

WETT SITE Inspections

WETT SITE Basic Inspection - $200 WETT SITE Basic Inspection when bundled with home inspection - $150

Prices based on a 3-hour inspection of an average single-family dwelling in the greater Ottawa area

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